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Deer Shoulder Mounts

Having your deer mounted is a great way to preserve your trophy, as well as the memories you created during the harvest, for years to come. We can mount your deer in any pose. You can add a solid oak or walnut panel to frame your mount. If you are looking for something artistic and unique, consider a wall pedestal or a custom floor or table pedestal, which allows viewing from all angles. We also clean and whiten skulls.

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deer mount taxidermy

Upright Shoulder Mount


deer mount

Semi-Sneak Shoulder Mount

deer pedestal

Wall Pedestal with Habitat


deer shoulder mount taxidermy pedestal

Wall Pedestal

deer pedestal

Floor Pedestal Mount with Custom Pine Base

deer pedestal

Floor Pedestal Mount with Custom Barnwood Base


deer shoulder taxidermy mount


antelope taxidermy mount

Deer close-up Pronghorn Antelope Wall Pedestal