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Bobcats are the most common species we take in for full body mounts. We can mount your bobcat in a custom pose to make it unique, and to show off the best characteristics of your cat.

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bobcat taxidermy

The photos on this page show examples of floor mounts, table top mounts, and wall mounts. The placement and amount of space you have for the finished mount can help you determine which type of mount will work best in your home.

bobcat mount

bobcat mount


bobcat mount

*We mount bobcats from all over the USA* For shipping information, click HERE.

bobcat mount taxidermy


The poses on full body mounts are limitless, and so is the habitat. The base prices include a wall rock or wood panel base with basic habitat. Possible additions include a floor pedestal, a rustic octagon or barn-wood slab, and adding a prey  animal such as a squirrel or pheasant.

Another option for your bobcat is a desk pedestal mount. This is a shoulder mount with a felt or rock backing. It has a small habitat on an oak or walnut base. A desk pedestal is a beautiful way to display your animal without the size and cost of a full body mount. (A sample of a desk pedestal can be seen on the Coyotes page).

bobcat taxidermy mount



We keep a small inventory of bobcat skins that are ready to be mounted. If you would like a bobcat mount, but do not have a bobcat, we can sell you one of ours and mount it for you.

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bobcat face

bobcat mount

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bobcat face bobcat taxidermy
bobcat taxidermy mount

bobcat taxidermy mount

bobcat taxidermy mount

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